Sweet Home Chicago – Family Session Locations

Chicago is an amazing city and has endless possibilities as far as photo locations go. I think it’s overwhelming to think about because there are so many options. I like to split up the locations by a few descriptions when I offer suggestions to clients for their session. Do you want skyline, nature or just architecture in your photos?

The most obvious photo session location in Chicago would be a spot that includes views of the skyline. There are a lot of options for this as well but I think some spots work better than others.

My favorite spots for skyline views of Chicago are Adler, Olive Park, Millennium Park and North Avenue Beach. All of these offer great spots for beautiful skyline views of the city. It really just depends on what view you’d like of the city. I think Millennium Park is a great option for small kids because it’s far enough away from busy streets, has beautiful views of the buildings and also has a gorgeous garden.

Another spot that is a favorite of mine for small children is Lincoln Park. It is far enough from the city that it is quiet but still offers some views of the buildings. There are tall prairie grasses to photograph in & lots of spots to plop kids down. It also has the infamous honeycomb. Are you even from Chicago if you don’t have a photo under the Lincoln Park honeycomb?

There are a few other spots I love that may offer little peeks of the city but are mostly green. Those are the Art Institute South Garden (pictured above) and the Alfred Caldwell Lily Pool (pictured below).

Another classic Chicago location for a family photo location is along the river. This is actually my favorite location for family photos in Chicago. We can really do a lot in one small space. This location features so many iconic Chicago locations like the bridges, the riverwalk, Michigan Ave, The Chicago Theatre, etc. The only downside is that this spot is a little more difficult for small children. We have made it work in the past though!

Last but not least, lets pick a new spot that is unique to you! I am always up for an adventure and suggestions. Chicago is made up of so many diverse neighborhoods that all have super cool spots for photos. For example, I love the murals in the west loop! I am always up for meeting somewhere new and just going with the flow. You never know what we might find just walking the city together.