Lifestyle Newborn Sessions at Home – What should I expect?

What is a lifestyle newborn session? 

A lifestyle newborn session is a newborn session that takes place at your home focusing on connection & documentation of everyday family life with your brand new addition. They are very different than a studio session. Both are amazing but they are just different styles. Everyone loves different things so I think it is helpful to know exactly what you are going to get before booking one. This is how I approach these sessions. 

My favorite thing about lifestyle newborn sessions are that we are in the comfort of your home. I photograph all over Chicagoland from the North Shore, to the West Suburbs, to Downtown and even in my home of Northwest Indiana. They are slightly more expensive than my regular family sessions because they typically last a lot longer. Newborn babies are in charge of these sessions! I recommend you feed the baby before I get there but sometimes we need to stop to take a feeding break (or a snack break for an older sibling). Since we are at home, we can start with family and sibling photos and then when we are done they can run off to play. We can spend the remaining time just focusing on just the baby. 

I do bring swaddles with me to these sessions but I also love to incorporate things you already have at home to make the session look cohesive. I try really hard to pick up on the vibe you have already created in your home and have that reflect in your session. If your house is bright and white, I tend to shoot a little more that way. If you have lots of moody dark colors, we may wrap the baby in a warm caramel wrap. Let me know if you love any specific colors when you book with me! 

Since my style is a mixture of candid and posed photos, I do take a few smile at the camera photos but tend to focus a lot on connection. When you look back on your photos years from now you will be happy that you have both. I do take posed photos of the baby but I like the poses to look more natural. We may wrap up the baby, find a beautifully lit location in your home and cozy that baby up on a bed for photos. It’s all about light and connection! 

When you decide to book one of these sessions with me, we will place a date on the calendar about a week after your due date & then move the date once the baby is here. Light tends to be the best inside homes in the morning so I like to do these sessions on weekday mornings. 

Please feel free to email me with any questions you might have about this type of session.